vadimbey (bey) wrote,

В случайном "разговоре" с американцем упомянул что русский

Сразу получил такое "дополнение":

A little personel information which may or may not be of interest. I
live in Federal Way, Washington, USA. Federal Way is a city of about 80k
and it is between the major cities of Seattle and Tacoma in the state of
Washington. Washington is the most northwestern state in the U. S. and
is not to be confused with the city of the same name which is over on
the east coast where all the wierd people live ;-}. I am a 57 year old
truck driver that hopes to retire in the next 2 or 3 years and after
that work won't interfere with playing computer games. The following is
a political statement so you may want to delete the rest before reading:
As mentioned before, I'm 57 and so have been around for a while. The
first president that I remember was Eisenhower but I was very young and
had no knowledge of political realities. With that in mind let me say
that George W. Bush is unequivacly, without a doubt the worst president
of my lifetime. If that is something that bores you, I completely
understand but, on the other hand, if that inspires any questions, feel
free to ask.

Н-да, не все впорядке в датском королевстве, если начинают оправдываться за своего президента, даже если их об этом не спрашивают :-)

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